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You are fired!

An ardade game with the goal the create as much destruction as possible.

The Game

In the Development of You are Fired, my biggest contribution was the development of the AI system.

For the AI of the game I decided to go with an Behaviour Tree system because it would allow to easily adapt AI for the different kinds of Enemies (Worker,Police Officer and Soldier). I implemented support for Sequence, Partial-Sequence and Selector behaviours.

I implemented aswell also all the Behaviour of the Guns and projectile Weapons. With the basic Controller Support to the game.

The inclusion of an online Leaderboard was also my contribution.

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Gameplay Video

The Team

  • Thomas Beck

  • Istvan Vermeulen

  • Tigo Van Roy

  • Tom Rigolle

  • Louis Visser




Kanjeon is an Dungeon Crawler in style of the Japanese culture and folklore.

The Game

A central mechanic of the Kanjeon is to write Kanjis correctly to defect your enemies. I worked on the recognition system for that

The System is cetrally based on Directions and relative positions. The system saves strokes informations(points, direction and length) and comparares it with a personal library.

I was also responsible for all the shaders in the game which include a toon shader and aplette swap shader for the enemies which randomly generates a color palette for each encountered enemy.


Gameplay Video

Procedureal Terrain Generator

A procedural Terrain Mesh Generator made in Unity

The Project

For this pseudo Random generator a Noise map using the Perlin gradient is generated.
The height data information is then sampled and fed to a dynamic mesh grid.

Showcase Video

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